Conference: 18th to 22nd November 2014, Durham 

Durham University – a collegiate university – is delighted to announce the first international conference on the collegiate model of university life and community. This will be held in Durham, UK, from 18th to 22nd November 2014.

Colleges come in different forms, but whatever their constitution, they are scholarly communities where students live and work together. This conference aims to explore the rich variety of collegiate experience worldwide, and to share best practice.

Colleges Work!

College communities provide the defining organisational feature of a number of universities around the world. Colleges are first and foremost scholarly communities – special and distinct places where people come together to share the ideals of community and scholarship within the university context. They enrich the students’ experience; they provide the reassurance of effective pastoral support; and they underpin the development of the whole person, leading on to employability, and to life as a whole.

But Why Do They Work?

Colleges offer the experience of study at university – but on a smaller and more human scale. Compared with a single larger institution, they offer multiple opportunities for participation, showing and developing leadership, and taking and exercising responsibility. Almost best of all, they instil a sure sense of belonging and identity, and engender a lifelong loyalty.

And How Might They Work Better?

To share experiences of the collegiate model, and to identify and spread good practices, we are holding an international conference at which representatives of the widest possible range of collegiate experience will come together in conversation, in Durham, UK, 18th to 22nd November 2014.



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